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Made for GMTK Jam 2019.

Guide the Single Input Remote Exploration Research Bot to the exit, only using each command input once.

Note:- Sometimes you have to press a few keys to get the game to load the next level. No idea why but if you're facing a black screen try hitting spacebar a few times!


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Sir Erb - WINDOWS 52 MB
Sir Erb - Mac OS X 53 MB


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Cool idea!

Maybe the levels got mixed up, but the crucial info that a key is used up on release comes 1 or 2 level to late. If you (like me) assume that each direction can only be used for a single step, the first level becomes obviously impossible.

Also in the last level I could jump out off the frame into the black surrounding. I guess that's not intended. But the mechanics are nice and the puzzles already have a good difficulty!  I would be interested in playing more puzzles.

(1 edit)

Haha, yes don't ask me why I thought to have that information come up a few levels in, really not my best decision. I did all the text last minute right before the game jam deadline so didn't really think it all through properly I guess! 

And yep I forgot to add proper collision to a few of the levels! 

I've got lots of new levels in the works already, along with some new mechanics - so i'll be uploading a bug fixed version with some new levels sometime soonish.

Thanks for playing!

Nice if you continue to work on it!