Ancra Demo

So here's the demo of my newest project, Ancra. 

The demo maps out the general flow of the game, right from the beginning to one of four(ish) endings. There's still plenty I want to add, features I want to expand, and mechanics I need to tidy up or flesh out. For instance, the combat/encounter mechanics need some work - adding animations, more sound effects and expanding options and systems to play with. 

But right now I just want to get some feedback on how everything's working so far, how it runs on different setups, how difficult the puzzles are, if it makes your PC burst in to flames, that sort of thing.

If you give it a go, I really appreciate it. And any feedback you have would be great, it's all really helpful.


Ancra (demo-0-9).zip 266 MB
Aug 21, 2018


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....i personally think youre a genius and its hard to play your games because there so greta and so well done i instantly want to go start working on a game of my own.

Oh wow, thank you very much. I get the same feeling all the time, I think as game designers it's hard to play a game without it sparking all sorts of ideas and inspiration for your own projects!

you have no idea. If you recall, i was equally impressed with your last game (im also the WillsMonster guy from reddit who commented in hopes to entice other users to try your game as you deserve it) What you do, is quality, and your 2/2 now in blowing my mind. 

I left a rating stating what I like about the game. But If I had to give a word of feedback I think it's a little too dark in some places. Like the area in the basement where I just barley was able to find the doorknob because I kept pressing space bar to see if anything was there. I still haven't beaten the game yet but it's pretty good!

Oh, I am constantly making the game brighter, then darker, then brighter again. 

I -am- adding a brightness slider to the options, so that should alleviate the problem mostly.

Saying that, places like the basement are very dark intentionally if you don't have the lantern or haven't restored power to the lights. It's meant to be a roadblock of sorts but I like your persistence! 

Ooo then that's my fault. I should probably work out more puzzles that I can see better first. Sorry for complaining about that.