Demo Update and Mac Version!

Just a small update to the demo:

  • Prevented the furniture from trapping the player (buggy collision).
  • Made the credits easier to access (options from title screen).
  • Cast additional hexes on the game's code (hopefully preventing freezes).
  • Got rid of some stuff that I forgot to delete.
  • Enabled some stuff that I forgot to enable.
  • Changed some other, secret things.

Also: The OS X version is now up, and should work, in theory. I only have an ancient iMac to test with, so I can't really tell how it runs. If anyone tests it out, please let me know how it is!


Ancra (Windows) (demo-0-91).zip 266 MB
Aug 23, 2018
Ancra (Mac OS X) (demo-0-91).zip 267 MB
Aug 23, 2018


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