Update 0.92!

Ancra has been updated to version 0.92!

- Fixed lots of bugs.

- Tweaked lots of lighting.

- Cast additional hexes on the game's code.

- Updated some graphics.

- Added some new music.

- Sacrificed a goat to make the game run faster.

- The camera now functions correctly. (most of the time)

- Added some clues.

- Corrected some typos and inconsistencies. 

0.92 should work with saves from 0.91, although some new features may not update properly. I can't see it causing any major problems though. Just move your save files to the appropriate folder (www -> save). No animals were hurt in the creation of this update, apart from the goat I killed.

The next update (unless I have to post some bug fixes beforehand) will focus on the endings. They're a little bare-boned at the moment and one ending is missing entirely. There are also some other events I want to add to the game, they may come before or after the updated endings. Or maybe at the same time. 


Ancra (Windows) (demo-0-92).zip 267 MB
Aug 31, 2018


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